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Join us this year for a funky fresh, new delirious vibe for Notting Hill Carnival 2019

You won't want to miss this!


Why Delirium? 

Official Meaning: 

an acutely disturbed state of mind characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence, occurring in intoxication, fever, and other disorders.

"somewhere a patient shouted in delirium"

Wild excitement or ecstasy.

"a chorus of delirium from the terrace"

synonyms:ecstasy, rapture, transports, wild emotion, passion, wildness, excitement, frenzy...

Masanova Interpretation:

If you are on the road with Masanova this year... you will feel the wildness, passion, emotion, ecstasy and excitement of our frenzy.... 

Join us for the Madness....


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