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Inspired by GaGa herself. Her freedom and wild spirit. She has that wild nature and stands out wherever she goes. Gaga is about being Wild and bring intoxication through wild print and colour illusions bringing delirium to life.


Illuscia (backline)

She be the wild passion. Emotion to the core ready to bring fever to the road and whom lies eyes upon her. Let her essence shine through. GaGa be thy illusion.

Illuscina- (Front line)

The pure ecstasy of her Ga Ga trio. She defines wildness. Her aura captures ones mind sending them into complete delirium. Fever and palpitations as she steams up the road.

Be ready to be hypnotised by the Passion and Wild being she will bring to existence. 

Illuscious - (Male)

He is the intoxication of Carnival. The illusion of pure delirium that sends his female revellers wild. Handsome, passionate and absolutely Ga Ga.

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